Now Is the Time to Cop these Ultra-Rare Omega Replica Watches

An Omega timepiece is the ultimate mark of a thrill-seeker.

The prestige Swiss label got its fast-and-furious cred in 1932 when it was named the official timekeeper of the Olympics. Then, Buzz Aldrin donned an Omega Speedmaster for the moon landing in 1969, earning it the nickname “Moonwatch.” Now, the timepiece is most commonly associated with a certain 007 secret agent, who’s favored Speedmasters since the 1990s.

Christie’s auction house has one of the best stashes of vintage Omegas around. Senior Watch Specialist Eric Wind told Maxim, “There’s been a big explosion in vintage interest. It used to be really focused on Patek Philippe and then Rolex, but as those values have gone up and more collectors have flooded into collecting vintage replica watches, other brands have had similar booms, and Omega is definitely one of them.”

Christie’s has jumped on the Omega bandwagon and is following up December’s $1.3 million Speedmaster auction with another sale, this time featuring various Omega models. The online auction ends on February 9.

One top lot has even been to outer space.

While this batch caters to Christie’s discerning clientele, this auction is also the perfect place for anyone to begin a collection. Wind said, “We’re continually looking for new customers. We even have some of these replica watches starting at $100, which is a great price for some of these rare Omega replica watches.”

Make your bids on Christie’s website if you’re feeling up to it. Below, check out some of the remarkable timepieces currently up for grabs.

Omega Speedmaster X-33


Although this is a digital watch, it was designed in the traditional Speedmaster style. This particular watch belonged to Russian cosmonaut Sergei Zalyotin, who brought it along on missions to both the Mir and International Space Stations in 2000 and 2002, respectively. While it has patina in spades, it’s first and foremost a stellar piece of wrist candy.

Wind said, “[Omega replica watches] remain so popular today because they’re very modern. They’re big, easy to wear, and durable rather than petite dress watches that aren’t quite as appealing to a younger generation.”

Omega 25th Anniversary Speedmaster


Speedmasters typically utilize steel, but this limited edition piece has upped the ante with white gold. It was created in 1994 for the 25th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Mission and is one of 500 of such replica watches made.

Wind said, “There is a real rarity as well with these pieces because sometimes we can say for a fact we know three of these were made or only one of a model was made, so that is something that can’t be recreated.”

Omega Constellation


Here’s the wild card of the bunch. In stunning pink gold, this Omega Constellation was originally gifted to an American man in 1957 by the Hākim of Bahrain, Sheikh Sir Salman II bin Hamad al-Khalifa. While the conspicuous coloring indeed turns heads, it also bespeaks Omega’s commitment to elegant and classic designs.

According to Wind, we don’t commonly see such one-of-a-kind pieces these days, when “watch companies are owned by luxury conglomerates that are approaching things more from profitability rather than in the days when these were much smaller companies that were tailoring their goods for specific clients.”

Omega Seamaster 120


The Seamaster was first unveiled in 1948. All the same, it remains a centerpiece of the Omega lineup for its clean dials and sharp, modern looks. This one dates back to 1968 and is endlessly versatility.

“The other thing about Omega is that they sort of fit into this tool watch aesthetic that is really popular,” Wind said. “They’re bigger replica watches, chunkier watches, and chronographs, as well as dive watches.”

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra


This one hasn’t got the same history as the others, but it’s certainly part of a long Omega tradition. This Seamaster was manufactured in 2005 as part of a limited edition collection for the 2006 Olympic Winter Games in Turin, Italy. Though it stands out with blued steel hands and red numbering, it most prominently evokes the Olympic games that gave this watchmaker its cred.

Own a Real Cosmonaut’s Omega Replica Watch for as Little as $100

Space watches are the ultimate sport replica watches, aren’t they? Forget deep-sea diving, flying fighter jets, or hauling up the world’s tallest mountains; there’s nothing like rocketing past the atmosphere that captures the mix of nerdiness and machismo that attracts watch collectors. Just over 500 people have left the earth and come back, and Christie’s is giving a true fanboy a chance to own one of their replica watches.

As part of its latest online-only watch auction, Rare Omega Replica Watches, Christie’s is offering this Speedmaster X-33, worn by Russian Cosmonaut Sergei Zalyotin on multiple missions at the turn of the century. While traditionally NASA and a few other space agencies used the Omega Speedmaster Professional as their mechanical timekeeper of choice, the thought was that by 1995 technology had come far enough that the decades-old chronograph was outdated and no longer the best tool. So replica Omega was asked to come up with a successor and what we got was the strange X-33.

The Omega X-33 was designed to be a next-generation space replica watch.

First, the X-33 is an electronic quartz watch, making it more accurate than a mechanical watch. The 41mm case is made from titanium to reduce weight and increase strength, and the dial is a hybrid of analog and digital displays. The basic time display still uses hands but the chronograph and alarm functions utilize the LCD screen to simplify the dial. The crown also adjusts functions with a series of presses, which is supposed to make it easier to use with space gear on. In addition to being used by astronauts and cosmonauts, the X-33 was often issued to military test pilots as well.

As a successor to the original Speedmaster Professional, the X-33 got a similar caseback treatment.

Zalyotin was given this particular X-33 by the Russian Federal Space Agency in 2000 and he wore it that year on a mission to the Mir space station as well as on later missions to the International Space Station. According to Christie’s, this is the only wristwatch to have ever been worn on both space stations. The replica watch is being sold by a collector who purchased it directly from Zalyotin and included with the box, papers, and accessories are two signed photographs of the cosmonaut himself.

This replica omega watch comes with the full complement of box, papers, and memorabilia.

It’s been a big year for space-worn watches selling publicly. Usually, because the fake omega watches worn by astronauts, cosmonauts, and other space travelers are equipment issued by space agencies, they remain in government hands forever. But when they do make it to public markets, prices are appropriately high. In December, Christie’s sold a Speedmaster that flew to the moon on Apollo 17 for nearly a quarter-million dollars, and just a few months before that a Bulova chronograph actually worn on the lunar surface fetched over $1 million.

This Omega Speedmaster X-33 is part of Christie’s online-only Rare Omega Replica Watches auction, which runs from Jan. 28 through Feb. 9. The estimate for this watch is $100 to $200.